Polish Change

Regular/ Gel

Gel Removal/ Dipping Powder Removal

Steps of basic plus instant dry and long lasting gel polish

Cuticle trim, shape, light fine sanding, vitamins and calcium powder to promote stronger and healthier nails

Steps of basic, exfoliating scrub, paraffin wax, mud masque and massage with warm cream
Cuticle trim, shape, light buff, lotion massage, and polish

Deep clean, steps of Spa Pedicure, paraffin wax, more massage with hot stone for relaxing your muscles, We use a single Jasmine soothe packet due to its high quality

Steps of basic plus instant dry and long lasting gel color
Shape, cuticle trim, buffing, callus, warm or hot lotion, massage, hot towel, and polish

Steps of basic plus paraffin wax

Steps of basic plus sugar scrubs, clay foot masque. The ultimate care treatment with 15' massage with lotion. Choices:

Mint - Lavender - Orange

Don't take away hair, we uses semi - permanet dye to enhance color, shapes. 





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